Deployed Region 8 brothers send holiday greeting from Afghanistan

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - During the holidays we all want to spend quality time with our families.

For our men and women deployed overseas, that's not possible.  Two marines from Region eight are spending the holidays in Afghanistan.  Clint and Brian Sorg spent their entire lives in Pocahontas.  Both wanting to leave their small town and do something more with their lives so they joined up and started their adventure.  While they are now prepared to spend their second Christmas away from home, they still have each other.

"It's hard sometimes but you get used to it.  As long as you get to talk to them over the phone every once in a while it makes up for it," said Lance Corporal Brian Sorg.

While the jobs they're doing are constantly on their minds, this time of year they are also thinking about those they've left behind.  Clint Sorg's wife Jennifer is back home in Pocahontas.  He said being so far away for so long does put a strain on the relationship, but they try to keep in contact as much as possible.

"As long as you stay in contact, it's not the same as being there with her, but there's not a lot more I can do," said Sorg.

Sorg said it would be easy to get sad and to get homesick.

"The people around here keep your mind off your family and what is happening back home.  That's one of the biggest things that keeps us up around here is just our peer group they're fun to be around," said Sorg.

Brian Sorg said you can tell it affects some marines more than others to be away from family, but that's where they lean on each other to get through the tough times.

"The Marine Corps is really tight you've always got friends to go talk to. In my case I've got a brother to go talk to, but if I didn't have him I'd always have another marine to go to and he'd always be there for me," said Sorg.

Christmas doesn't mean the same thing to the Sorg brothers as it used to and while they're sad they don't get to see their family, Christmas is just another day.

"I just miss seeing all the kids and seeing all the smiles from our nephews and on our cousins' face," said Clint Sorg.

As the holidays get closer, the brothers have their family on their minds.

"I'd like to send a merry Christmas and happy New Year's out to my mom and dad and all my family and tell them that I love them," said Brian Sorg.

"I just wish I could fill one of those empty rooms in the house, mom.  I wish I could be there with Jennifer as well," said Clint Sorg.

The brothers expect their deployment to Afghanistan to be over by this spring.

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