Christmas package shipping winds down

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While many are rushing about looking for those last-minute Christmas gifts... The places where you would ship them are relatively calm today.

I visited a couple of shipping locations to find out why.

The sounds of Christmas. The squeak of bubble wrap and the rasp of masking tape as a box is sealed up ready to be sent out.  It is nearly the last opportunity to get those last-minute Christmas items packed and shipped.

At the UPS store over off of Alexander Drive, It's slowed down quite a bit but there are still people bringing stuff in to be shipped.

Zach Bean the Manager showed me the pile of boxes. Earlier this week he said the pile reached nearly to the ceiling and was hard to get around.

"It's been pretty steady. It's getting pretty close to the cut-off unless you're sending it next day air. But this week the first part of the week has been our busiest part.

Most of the customers in the store were regular customers but a few were sending out gifts.

Bean, "It's getting pretty iffy right now. We can still ship next day air and get it pretty much anywhere you want to right now. Shipping within Arkansas it's going ground. It's going to be there tomorrow. It's not guaranteed but expected delivery for tomorrow. So that gives you kind of 2 days to get it there."

Over at the Hattie Caraway Post Office on Race street, Jonesboro Post Master Paul Driskell says the new Automated Postal Center has really helped them this year.

"Monday we had quite a few customers in here it was a pretty busy day. And the customers all found it quite easier to use the machine rather than having to wait in line."

And like the UPS Store, Driskell said his Post Offices had gone over the hump.

"Today we're on the downhill slide to Christmas. Everybody pretty much has their presents and their cards mailed and ready to eat some turkey."

Farley Douglas says he chose to ship his two packages with the Post Office today because of his location.

"I was close by and the wife said,"You mailed that yet?" No,no better go do that."

Douglas said the packages are for friends and his brother in Texas. He doesn't think it will make it to him by Christmas.

"That's why I'm going to call him after a while and tell him. I sent your present, today...(laughs)."

Even though the lines weren't long he opted out for the automated Postal machine as well.

How ever you choose to ship your Christmas presents whether it goes through the Post Office, or UPS, or Fed-Ex or whatever. Just make sure they are wrapped and shipped with love.

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