Retailers prepare for after Christmas returns and exchanges

Now that Christmas is in the rearview mirror, retailers are preparing for holiday exchanges, returns, and post Christmas sales.

"It's the same thing every year," says Best Buy Operations Manager Amber Henson.

The day after Christmas...It's a time when many are wanting to make exchanges for the wrong game, wrong model, or just a refund.

"I'm exchanging a camera I bought my granddaughter. The camera doesn't work," says customer Linda Stacy.

"I'm exchanging a Nike chip, she got two of the so I'm taking the other one back," says customer Jeremy Watson.

Henson says they're locked and loaded for the traffic flow. "We are extra staffed at our customer service desk more than normal so our customers don't have to wait in as long of line. There will always be a line, but we hope that it's not forever." she says, doubling up employees during the peak business hours.

But surprisingly, Sunday afternoon the lines at Customer Service were pretty scarce.

"I thought it would be a lot busier than it is," says Stacy.

"I was surprised figured it would be crazy in here. I'm just happy. Hopefully I can get it done and get out of here," says Watson.

"We were pretty slow this morning, but it has picked up as the afternoon continues, and of course as church lets out we anticipate a much busier afternoon," says Henson.

She says while Sunday wasn't too hectic in the morning, she anticipates a consistent flow of customers throughout the rest of the month.

"Our holiday return includes items bought between Nov. 1st through Dec. 24th. Customers can make returns until Jan. 31st. So, I don't think there will be a big rush all at once the first week, but it should be a trickling through the rest of the month," says Henson.

To help with faster returns:

- Make sure you have a proper receipt or gift receipt ready before getting to the counter.

- It's also not a bad idea to check the stores return policy in advance.

- Try not to go make an exchange during peak hours.

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