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Tucker Appealing Conviction

July 25, 2003  - Posted at 7:21 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.   --  Former governor Jim Guy Tucker is still working to overturn his Whitewater-related convictions. In court papers, Tucker says a federal judge was wrong not to set aside the former governor's fraud conviction and sentence.

Tucker is asking for a certificate of appealability that would allow him to take his case to the Eighth U-S Circuit Court of Appeals so he could argue his constitutional rights were violated.

Tucker can't appeal without the certificate. According to Tucker, prosecutors violated his rights by failing to disclose various assistance given to a key government witness, David Hale. Tucker also says the Office of Independent Counsel had various conflicts of interest when it prosecuted him.

After his conviction, Tucker resigned in July 1996. Tucker was sentenced to home detention, which he completed long ago. He is appealing the conviction so he can regain his law license.

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