Senator Clinton Pays Region Eight a Visit

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark.--On Saturday, a familiar political face returned to Region Eight, but not for votes. New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made the trip to "That Bookstore in Blytheville" for a book signing.

The former First Lady made big headlines six weeks ago with the release of her book about the White House years entitled, "Living History". Currently, "Living History" has sold one-point-two million copies.

Anxious admirers were given a ticket to meet Clinton and get their own autographed copy of her book.

"I'm excited, I want her to run for President, I think she would make a great President," said Blytheville resident Lynn Sailors. "I can't wait to meet her, even though it's a hundred degrees out here, it's great."

"It's extremely hot, but we're looking at the end and it's worth it, just for that two seconds of being next to her," said Shirley Harvell of Forrest City.

Jonesboro resident Bettye Gibson was one of the first in line to get an autographed copy. "There's such a turn out for her, and I think Arkansas, in spite of everything she's gone through, admires her and wants to know more about her," said Gibson.

One group of protesters, Free Public Dot.Com held a different opinion of Senator Clinton. The group protested down the street from the book signing.

"We believe that Hillary is a pathological liar and that she's leading people astray," said protester Susan Ferguson. "It took us eight years to get ride of the Clintons, we don't want them back."

Shirley Harvell said Saturday's encounter with Senator Clinton will be one for the ages. "She's a celebrity, we want to see her, she's our celebrity, and she'll always be our's," said Harvell.