A local museum displays the playful side of history

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Randolph County Heritage Museum in Pocahontas just opened a new show called, "Dolls and Dollhouses."

Around one hundred dolls from different times and places are on display for the publics viewing.

Museum Administrator, Karen Parish, says this show began with an idea. "We put notices in the paper. Called people we knew who had doll collections and those people brought those collections in to share with the community. Every little girl grew up with dolls and we all kept our dolls. And we wanted to share them. Today's generation, now, has these weird dolls and they can see what we grew up with and enjoy them."

The huge collection on display is, now, the result. Parish says many of the dolls have quite an interesting history. "We have a doll in the case over here that has red hair and the hair belongs to the lady that owned the doll. The original hair fell off the doll, so she cut her own hair and put in on. . .back in the 1890s."

Parish says shows like these help people discover where they came from. "People come in and can get a sense of history. A sense of belonging. A sense of where mom and dad and grandma and grandpa came from."

Parish says a great example of this history is the sack dolls they have on display. "We have a flour sac collection a lady brought in to share with us that has been in the Smithsonian Institute. She has articles that she has written on it, that we have, on the history of the flour sac. You used to go to the store and buy flour and sugar and on the back of it would be a pattern. And then mom and the daughter or whomever would make a doll out of the pattern on the back of the sugar sac."

The Randolph County Heritage Museum was started in September of 2006 as part of the 150th birthday of the city of Pocahontas.

A new show is held every three to four months. The Doll and Dollhouse show will run through the end of January.

The next planned show will start in April. It will be a Civil War show because 2011 is the Civil War Centennial.

Museum hours are Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm and Saturday from 10am-1pm.

For more information about the Randolph County Heritage Museum, log onto their website.

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