Bush : Prewar Intelligence Good, Solid, and Sound

July 30,2003 - Posted at 11:10 a.m. CDT

WHITE HOUSE  --President Bush describes the pre-war intelligence on Iraq as good, solid and sound.

At a news conference at the White House this morning, Bush was asked about the disputed claim he made in his State of the Union speech that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Africa -- and whether he takes personal responsibility for that statement.

Bush says he takes personal responsibility for everything he says -- and that he came to the decision to wage war on Iraq after analyzing a ``thorough'' body of intelligence. He says he concluded that Saddam Hussein had to be removed from power.

When asked if national security adviser Condoleezza Rice should take the blame for the disputed claim about Iraq, Bush called Rice ``an honest, fabulous person.'' He says the country is lucky to have her.

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