Search for the Truth

July 30, 2003 - Posted at 11:13 a.m. CDT

WHITE HOUSE  --President Bush says he doesn't know how much closer coalition forces are to finding Saddam Hussein -- but he says he guesses that they're closer than they were yesterday. And he says they're on the hunt.

Bush says even though ``violent remnants'' of Saddam's regime remain in Iraq, the country is growing more peaceful. At a White House news conference this morning, Bush said those remnants are being joined by ``terrorists'' and ``criminals'' to attack U-S forces.

He calls it a last attempt to ``frighten the Iraqi people.'' But the president says U-S forces are ``taking the fight'' to the enemy, and that's producing daily results -- including the deaths of Saddam's two sons. He says their deaths have changed the attitudes of people who thought Saddam's regime would never go away.

Bush also says he expects coalition forces will get more Iraqi cooperation in what he calls the ``search for the truth'' -- a reference to the hunt for alleged weapons of mass destruction. The president says Saddam had biological and chemical weapons -- and used chemical weapons on his own people.

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