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Aviation repair graduates guaranteed a job, but how?

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) – Graduates in one program at Arkansas Northeastern are already guaranteed a job right out of their technical program.

Just last week Aviation Repair Technologies CEO Ben Quevedo announced his companies intention to hire the entire graduating class of ANC's Aviation Maintenance program.

The current class including night and day programs numbers around 18 students. Instructor Don Morris says this is very good news indeed.

Morris, "It was kind of exciting for me as an instructor. It was kind of exciting for everyone else in the program and particularly for the students in the program."

Oscar Woods was in the process of holding up the tail of a small Piper aircraft so his classmates could work on the engine mount. I asked what he thought about the announcement.

Woods, " I was excited about it. I'm excited about going into the field. Working on the big boys over at ART. I'm real excited about that."

The school program takes prospective mechanics through all phases of aircraft maintenance. From changing tires to changing engines. At this stage of the program most of the students are learning how to take apart and rebuild piston engines before moving on up to turbines.

Student Daniel Evans says he will gladly take the job at ART to gain experience  but this young man has a higher plan in mind.

Evans, "I want to be part of a design team that helps design a new, revolutionary part for the aviation industry. I want to dream big. "

Among the students are several current employees of ART. Each person hoping to gain that coveted A & P license and move up in the company. David Copley is currently employed in the sheet metal shop.

Copley, "You'll definitely get a raise. Right now they list you as an apprentice. You'll be moved into a B level  mechanic or a C level mechanic. "

Daniel Evans said he had a chance at an apprenticeship but came to ANC instead.

Evans, "I'm glad I went through this route because I've learned more than I could have ever hoped for."

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