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Jonesboro Fire Department has good year in 2010

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro's Fire Chief Leonard Jadrich says the fire department had a good year in 2010.

Jadrich, "We didn't have any fire fatalities, we didn't have any injuries to firefighters, any serious injuries.We had a very good year in terms of our work."

The fire department responded to nearly 3500 calls which sounds like a lot but is about average compared to the last 3 years. 2009 was higher because of responding to every medical call that an ambulance went on.

Jadrich, "We found out we were going to a lot of runs where we really weren't needed. So we changed protocols."

A chart provided by Chief Jadrich shows the breakdown of JFD responses. Out of last years 3500 runs, 1900 of them involved Rescue and EMS calls. 641 fires and 522 false alarms.

 Jadrich says that with new stations and equipment reallocation, response time was up in 2010.

Jadrich, "Over all for last year we were able to respond to 88% of the time in 6 minutes or less to every residence in the city limits of Jonesboro. Which is a very good time for a fire department. We were very proud of that."

Another new station should help decrease response time even more.

Jadrich, "We did buy property to relocate Station 4. Now whether we are going to be able to build Station 4 this year or not we're not really sure yet. " The new station will be built near the Central Baptist Church on Harrisburg Road.

A major issue that faced the department in 2010 was money, or lack of. Until the sales tax passage in August the JFD was looking at cutbacks.

Jadrich, "We were faced with the fact that we were going to cut not just staff but also some of our purchasing and some of the equipment we were using. The price of fuel is just going crazy right now.  So with that sales tax we're able to operate within a budget without, like I said going into a deficit."

As for 2011, things are looking pretty good right now.

Jadrich, We are going to get an additional fire truck this year. We have a reserve truck that we need to take out of service. Staffing is going to remain the same. We just need to do some more tweaking on how we respond to fires.

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