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Help local children by enjoying some entertainment

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Foundation of Arts is inviting the public to come out for some great entertainment that will benefit the children in the Region 8 community. Friday, January 14th is the Foundation of Arts production "FOA Follies".

Community Development Director for the Foundation of Arts, Kristi Pulliam, says a variety of talented, local people will be performing and attendants can vote on their favorite act.

"Tomorrow night the community can come in and vote with their dollars on their favorite performance. Some of the very, most talented community members will be signing and their friends and family and all the other community members will be in here voting on their favorite performance. . . All in an effort to support the mission, here, at the Foundation of Arts."

Proceeds for this event will go toward helping children receive art education their families can't afford.

"The Foundation of Arts Follies are very important because they are intended to raise money to support what the believers in the mission really want to do and that is to provide the arts for anybody who wants access to them. For anybody who wants to learn more and be educated more in the arts, or participating arts or just enjoy the arts. We want everyone in the community to be able to do that regardless of their financial ability to pay."

Pulliam says what children learn from art education expands into other aspects of their life.

"Learning more and becoming more disciplined in the arts equip children with so many different abilities to be successful in any field that they want to go into. Whether it's being creative as a banker, using their creative abilities as attorneys, doctors. Not just painters and actors. Everyone is an artist in some way. And if you learn the discipline in art, then you can apply that discipline to almost any field."

Pulliam says this fact is supported by studies.

"Studies show that students who study an art are more successful in anything they do. They get higher grades in science and math. They have a higher graduation rate, they get more scholarships to college. Studies prove that studying the arts can make a kid more successful with everything."

Cost is five dollars at the door and one dollar per vote you would like to place on your favorite performance.

All the money earned will go to help a child broaden their horizons and chances for success.

For more information about the Foundation of Arts, log onto their website.

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