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Not happy with Facebook, turn to Linkedin

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University's Small Business and Technology Development Center is hard at work to help local businesses reach their potential. The ASU ASBTDC held it's first workshop of the new year is on "Fundamentals of Linkendin" on Thursday.

Herb Lawrence, Center Director for ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center, says this is a website they've not done a workshop on before.

"Linkedin, as some folks may or may not know, is another one of those social media networks. But it's not a Facebook, it's not a Twitter, it's not a You Tube. It's strictly a social network for professionals. Business to business, non profits. So, nobody's on there sharing pictures of their grand kids or talking about how they made their New Year's Eve stew."

This social media network is strictly for business professionals who would like to connect with other professionals to promote their business, find customers and exchange information.

But that's not the only advantage to this website. Lawrence says it can also be useful to someone seeking employment. "It's also a wonderful place for people who are looking for jobs, especially in professional areas. In fact, today, many large companies will insist you get on Lindkedin and get your resume."

Lawrence says it's also the best source for connecting with people in your particular industry. Today there are over fifty million people on Linkedin globally and twenty-two point five million in the United States. Statistics show it adds about a half a million new members every month.

Lawrence says the main thing people need to do is their homework on a particular social media network, understand how the site works and be aware of whether or not it will meet your needs. "People need to understand that each one of those sites is a little different. If you're on Facebook you know you wouldn't want to have some advertiser that's beating you over the head and basically monopolizing your news feed with nothing but his messages of "come by, come by, come by."

Linkedin is free to join. To check out the Linkedin page, you can log onto their website.

For more information about this seminar or others being offered by the ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center, you can log onto their website or click onto ASU's Small Business blog.

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