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Shelter looking to the community for renovation help

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "We spent over 20 thousand dollars last year just on repairs and maintenance here," said Mission Outreach Executive Director, Jamie Collins.

Collins say they are temporary fixes to an aging building

"We're spending roughly 18 hundred dollars a month on utilities," said Collins.

She adds they are costly inefficiencies that are quickly adding up.

"We could put that money to a lot of other places," said Collins.

Executive Director Of Mission Outreach Jamie Collins says, they're in need of what you could call an overhaul, from more energy efficient windows to more insulation around the building," said Collins. She calls the women's dorm a rain forest due to issues with condensation.

"It's soaked the insulation, it's ruining our electrical system, and has ruined our telephone system and so we just have to address these needs," said Collins.

Collins says they're hoping to make needed changes phase by phase.  While they're looking at grant options, they're also looking to the community.

"There are areas where they'll need professionals, but for the most our volunteers and other people in the community can help but what we have to do is cover the cost," said Collins.

Collins says the need for their services is ever growing--and the more resources the mission has, the sooner those in need will be back on their feet.

"I love what our mayor says here is that we don't have a lot of the crime that a lot of people have because desperate people to desperate things.   With the mission, we're able to side step a lot of that activity," said Collins.

Collins says Mission Outreach had an infra-red study done last May.  She says those doing the study told her if the mission could  address some of the issues with doors and windows for example they might be able to cut the utility bill nearly in half.

For more information about donating time or money to Mission Outreach, call 870-236-8080, or you can email the executive director at   We have also posted a link to their website.  

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