Huckabee has a Point

August 1, 2003  - Posted at 7:42 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  --Some legislators say Governor Huckabee has a point about tying school consolidation to the size of the school district.

But they also says it would be hard to pass such a plan because it is a politically unpopular idea in the debate over court-ordered education reform. House Speaker Herschel Cleveland says many representatives have told him they will NOT vote for a bill including consolidation based on numbers.

Huckabee says the state, as part of a plan to comply with a state Supreme Court order, should consider closing high schools with fewer than 15-hundred students if they can't meet academic standards.

Rural educators and legislators have said they won't accept consolidation based on any number. Critics of Huckabee's plan say the small schools should be allowed to prove they can meet education standards before being targeted for consolidation.

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