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NEA District Fair announces potential location

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Business is booming along Jonesboro's Stadium Boulevard. Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse are moving in. But, one place that's been there for years could be moving out!

In early November, "for sale" signs went up at the Northeast Arkansas District Fairgrounds.

Now, people are wondering where is it going, and what's moving in its place?

Not soon after the fair rides went down, "for sale" signs went up at the NEA District Fairgrounds. "We have overgrown our site. Our barns are inadequate," says President of the NEA Fair Board Eddie Burris.

He says they have been looking to relocate for some time. He decided to put the property up for sale after receiving several calls from businesses looking to purchase portions of the land.

"We decided we needed to investigate, and see if the possibility might warrant us to go ahead and maybe sell the property at a value where we could relocate and have some newer updated facilities," says Burris.

Now the two biggest questions: Where is the fair moving and what will happen to the current fair property?

Right now, Burris says they are looking to potentially move west of HW 49 just north of the Farrville curve. While the property is just outside of the city limits, property owners have signed a petition to try and make the land part of the city limits. The location would be nearly 79 acres, almost twice the size of the current property.

"I think our attendance would improve. I think our off-season use would be the largest improvement to a new grounds," says Burris.

So who's looking to buy the current fairgrounds? "We do have two contractual agreements that we have entered into with some commercial concerns. Those are still pending, and we are not at liberty to release the specifics," says Burris.

Burris says nothing is set in stone. The move will not affect the 2011 NEA District Fair. He adds, if they can sell the property and get the development started, they could be at the new fairgrounds by next year.

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