Green Defender Voices Support

August 1, 2003 - Posted at: 4:45 p.m. CDT

POCAHONTAS, Ark. -- Is Billy Dale Green capable of massacring a man, his wife, and two small children? One woman that knows Green says he isn't.

"There's no way," Starlett Mullins said. "He's no more capable of committing murder than I am."

Mullins, a Hardy resident, says that she has known Green for thirty years. In fact, Mullins says that, as a teenager, Green lived with her and her husband.

"He was sort of a care-free type of guy," Mullins said. "He would do anything for me or my husband."

Green and one of his sons, Charles Wayne Green, are being held without bond in the Randolph County Jail pending charges of capital murder and kidnapping in the 1998 deaths of Allan Elliott; his wife, Lisa Elliott; daughter Felicia; and son Gregory.

Another son, Jason Edward Green, is being held on a $250,000 bond pending charges of hindering apprehension.

All three Greens are expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on August 26.

Many in rural Randolph County believe that the Greens are capable of committing the crime they were arrested for. Mullins believes that Billy Green has not changed from the person she knew thirty years ago.

"In their heart, they don't change," Mullins said.

However, records obtained by KAIT in the Randolph County Circuit Clerk's office paint an entirely different picture. In those records, dozens of city, county, and felony arrests appear. Everything from domestic violence to traffic violations, methamphetamine, marijuana, theft and weapons.

"I know Billy has been a lot of trouble," Mullins acknowledged. "Billy is not one that can kill, especially children. I would stake my life on it that Billy did not touch those children."

Another longtime aquaintance of Green's, Randy Byrd, has a different opinion. Byrd also grew up with the Greens. He says Randolph County is a better place to live with them in jail.

"It's good that they got them off the street," Byrd said. "There's plenty of people who's (sic) wanted justice done. And if we'd a done it ourselves, then it would be done. Of course, I'm not for sure that they did it. But I'm glad they got 'em."