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Wild Land Protection

(U.S.D.I.) Americans love the wild places where they hunt, fish, hike, and get away from it all, and they expect these lands to be protected wisely on their behalf.

The Obama Administration's Wild Lands policy is a straightforward, common-sense initiative that restores balance to the management of public lands.

The policy affirms the Bureau of Land Management's responsibility to take into account all of the resources for which it is responsible - including wilderness characteristics – when it conducts its transparent, public land use planning process.  It also provides local communities and the public a strong voice in how we manage backcountry areas for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

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What are people saying?

"Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's decision last week to reverse a Bush-era wilderness policy should be a relief to those who favor a balanced and sensible approach to wildland preservation."  The Denver Post

"The Bush administration's actions left sensitive public lands in jeopardy, and that's unconscionable.  America's public lands are part of the country's heritage, and they should be protected."  Las Vegas Sun

  "[The initiative] is also being hailed by such capitalists-in-good-standing as the Outdoor Industry Association and their many hunting, fishing and hiking customers who are eager to spend a lot of money, and create a lot of jobs, near areas that may, in due course, be protected by a federal agency that may now correctly consider all possible uses, including preservation, in its plans.  The Salt Lake Tribune

 "Thirteen million people in this country hunt and 33 million fish, generating 900,000 jobs every year.  By protecting wild lands and habitat, these jobs will be here for our children and for future generations."   Whit  Fosburgh, President, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Where can I find the articles?

The wild lands protection site is your central hub for information about the initiative.  The site includes links to news articles, blogs and videos.

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Useful Links

Secretary Salazar and Director Abbey's remarks

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Frequently Asked Questions

BLM's Draft Guidance to Managers 


Did you know?

The BLM manages 245 million acres in the United States - more land than any other federal agency - including iconic American landscapes like Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in Colorado, the Headwaters Forest Reserve's ancient redwood forest in California, and the Iditarod National Historic Trail in Alaska.


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Table Rock Wilderness, Oregon


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