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Meet January's Teacher of the Month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Every month we introduce you to an educator that has been nominated by our viewers to be our Teacher of the Month. It is always a difficult choice because there are so many good ones to choose from. January's teacher Tiffany Riggs, teaches AP English and Literature at Westside High School.

Teaching an Elizabethan author like William Shakespeare to 21st century high school students is difficult but not impossible.

Riggs, "That's part of the pleasure is taking something older such as Twelfth Night and making it applicable to them. Letting them get a chance to talk about it and see what they see is key. Reading it and having the kids tell about what they see is enjoyable. I think humor is a huge part of getting relevance across to the kids."

Riggs is in her 6th year of teaching. This Literature & English teacher constantly moves about the classroom as she reads and discusses Shakespeare with her AP Lit Class. Being an Advanced Placement teacher is demanding Riggs says.

Riggs, "It is very demanding. And all the other AP teachers will tell you that it does take a lot of time to prepare and grade. The grading is the biggest thing."

Riggs says she runs her classroom more like a college classroom. She says that they need to be aware of their own responsibilities as they move on to higher education. Getting her students ready for college is important and that motivates Riggs to bring a good attitude to class every day.

Riggs, "I try to make this a positive exciting place to be. This is literature, this is what we are reading about. Other ages, other people who sometimes have gone through similar situations sometimes very different. Everyone has to be driven by something. It's motivation that gets you out of bed in the morning and gets you to where ever you're going. I hope to ignite excitement and help and hope about learning."

I asked Riggs if teaching was fun, I mean do you really get into it?

Riggs, "I do like I hope the children do, escape into the world of literature. I get so involved in that, that I forget about everything else. It's just a really happy place to be."

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