Youth Ministries Help Less Fortunate

While most of us were sleeping youth ministers were helping people get off the streets of Jonesboro.

Travis Porter says he helped one prostitute change her life."There was a prostitute who came up and said she really wanted to give her life to Jesus.  That night on the street she gave her life to Christ.

Ministry groups from Kentucky and Georgia came to participate in Freedom Center Ministries revival.

Vance Murphy from Atlanta says some people have slipped through the cracks and they want to be helped.  "They come from broken homes, they come from lives that are shattered and they need Gods love."

They say spreading love thruogh God not only betters individual lives, but it betters communities as well.

"There was a man who was just sitting out on the street corner on drugs on crack and he said he wanted to turn his life around and he came in and gave his life to Jesus and surely that's what its going to do for the community it's going to raise the quality of life here.