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Jackson County battles the winter weather

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - We drove to Jackson County to see how their roads were shaping up with the snow and falling temperatures.

Of all the places I drove today, the bridge over the Black River, right on the edge of Jackson County across the Black River had the most snow and slush on it.

Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas and I stood outside the jail and watched the falling snow. He said so far they had only had one reported accident that morning.

Lucas, "Right now with the temperature hovering right at or just above freezing it's not been too bad. Been getting some reports that overpasses and bridges are beginning to get slick."

Driving to Jackson County, I encountered limited visibility as the snow began to move in. On Highway 18 I could see for less than a mile and up on the overpass just West of Cash snow was starting to accumulate on the rails of the 67/167 crossing.

Naturally overpasses and bridges are areas of particular concern to the Highway Department. 32-year Highway Department Veteran Billy Clemons was taking a break in his bucket loader at the yard outside Diaz. He was waiting to mix up salt and gravel that would be applied to the roads. All the sand trucks were out but Clemons says he had only one refill so far that day.

Clemons, "It should basically stay slushy unless it (temperature) drops. Mainly the bridges and the intersections and the overpasses are what we are mainly concerned about. We try to stay ahead of the game. Be prepared get everything ready, get all the trucks ready, get the mix mixed up usually when we know for sure something's coming in."

And come in it did, right past Tuckerman I pulled over to watch the snow fly..big flakes and lots of them and they had just started sticking to the road .

As a rule, the Highway Department splits crews into 2 shifts for 24 hr coverage. I asked Sheriff Lucas if he added extra deputies especially after the sun goes down.

Lucas, "Most all of my officers are on call, on standby. That way if we start having a large amount of accidents or something they can all come out and work."

Hopefully drivers will stay home tonight so the plows and sanders can work on empty roads. Sheriff Lucas told me he just wishes everyone would stay home and stay safe.

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