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"Stunning" new device helps Newport Police Officers

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NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - The Newport City Council approved a new policy for the Police Department this past Tuesday after the department purchased four taser X26 Electronic Control Devices. The "shocking" new technology is sparking high expectations for officers.

"Several agencies that I'm aware of carry them. I kind of held off on it," says Newport Police Chief Michael Scudder.

But, after doing a little research and talking with officers with the Jackson County Sheriff's department..."They were telling me some stories about using it. They told me about a situation where they probably could of used lethal force, but instead they used a taser. It protected them, and pretty well protected a guy that had a knife," says Scudder, which lead him to purchase four taser devices for officers to use out in the field.

The self defense tool is both a taser and a stun gun. Scudder says the device can shoot up to 29 feet, and when activated delivers 50 thousand volts, taking down an aggressor instantly.

And, with the taser putting distance between the officer and the aggressor, Scudder feels the device will help protect officers during emergency situations.

"I hope it will lessen injuries that officers receive when they have to physically fight someone. You know from time-to-time an officer gets hurt arresting an aggressive person. I'm hoping this will eliminate that.

The money for the new equipment was factored in the 2010 budget. Right now, Scudder plans to only issue the tasers to four officers, who have gone through the proper training. He adds, the department will consider purchasing more in the future if they prove to be beneficial.

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NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - A "shocking" new tool is helping Police Officer in Newport.  The Newport Police Department recently purchased four new taser X26 Electronic Control Devices.  Newport Police Chief Michael Scudder says only officers that have gone through the proper training will be allowed to carry the device.  Scudder says the taser delivers 50,000 volts, and says if activated would take someone down instantly.  

Find out what Scudder hopes the new equipment will help the department coming up tonight on Region 8 News at five, six, and ten.     

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