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Hardy to get new ambulance station

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - The city of Hardy is working with the Spring River Paramedic Ambulance Service to finish out a station in Hardy that could cut response times dramatically.

According to Sharp County 911 dispatch numbers, it is a rare month that the Spring River Ambulance Service makes less than 200 dispatched calls.

Currently Spring River operates out of three bases: one near Cave City, one in Ozark Acres and the main base out of Cherokee Village.

What Hardy officials would like is for an ambulance to be based in town at the fire station just down from the city hall. The building is about two years old.

Like any volunteer fire department there is a lot of stuff crammed in this building. But Police Chief Ernie Rose says, "we'll move some of this out, build some walls and you can bring your ambulance right in here."

At the moment it is just a metal framed building.There are a couple of fire trucks, a couple of rescue boats and some sort of tent all tucked away inside.

Chief Rose, "We haven't got the building completed yet. If it was completed all this wouldn't be in here. But when weather gets bad you try and get stuff out of the weather."

Alderman Raymond Hicks will be in charge of finishing up the building to make it livable for ambulance crews.

According to Hicks, "We need two bedrooms, a little dinette area and just a room for them with a TV and stuff like that."

Hicks says the building is tall enough to put living quarters either up or downstairs. It is already plumbed and would need central heat and air. On the back side of the building is a roll up door. The plan is to build a gravel road that will connect to the road behind city hall. That new road and the fire station are both above the flood plain.

If the ambulance decides to move in, how long would it take to get the building ready?

Hicks, "With the help that we would have from the fire department, the boys working at night coming down here. We could do it in six weeks."

As far as ambulance positioning goes, location is everything.

Rose says, "In almost every call, seconds count and it makes a lot of difference how quick they can get there."

I spoke with officials of the Spring River Ambulance Company. They told us this is not a totally done deal yet. Some details and arrangements still need to be worked out.

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