Towns Using Garlic on Bloodsuckers

August 6, 2003 - Posted at: 10:00 p.m. CDT

CARAWAY, Ark. -- At night, Caraway Mayor Joe South says mosquitoes are unbearable.

"When they start to come out, they're so thick they can get in your mouth," south said.

Now mayors from local towns are using a natural repellent made from 99 percent garlic juice in their battle against the pests. Kenna Coley of Caraway says the product, Mosquito Barrier, keeps mosquitoes at bay for a short while. However, they do eventually return.

"When they did spray it did kinda make them leave our yard which is right by the ditch," Coley said. "But as far as the smell it wasn't worth it."

Mayor L.M Duncan says the product has been successful in Bono. He says that, when compared to the cost of previous products, the garlic spray can't be beat.

"The garlic spray is $85 per gallon and the bio-mist is about $210 per gallon," Duncan said. "They spray about the same areas. So for small towns, it works out pretty good for us."

South has a different view, however. He says that Mosquito Barrier didn't measure up when it was used at Caraway's Fouth of July picnic.

"When it got dark we had a concert going and the mosquitos came out just like we hadn't sprayed," South said. "And we sprayed over six hundred gallons of spray all over the city."