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Farmers fill the Convocation Center at ASU

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University held the 11th annual Arkansas Soil and Water Education Conference on Thursday. Associate Professor of Soil and Water Conservation at ASU, Dr. Steve Green, says the number of farmers in attendance grows every year for a specific reason. "We're discussing soil and water issues which take place mainly in Northeast Arkansas."

There range of speakers vary in both their areas of expertise to the region they're from. "We have speakers from Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas. We have some experts from the USDA Agricultural Research Service, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, United States Geological Survey, the US Weather Service. . .all talking about issues relating to water and soil."

Over the years, the people in attendance has grown just as varied. "In our audience, today, we have farmers as well as county extension agents, natural resources personnel, wildlife specialists, policy makers, decision makers, government officials and we're all talking about the issues related to water.

Dr. Green says those outside of the Agricultural profession might not realize some of the obstacles Region 8 farmers must face and find a way to overcome. "Arkansas is a water rich state. However, we put a lot of demands on our water resources. From growing crops, to feeding our country and even the world. And we have quite a lot of crops that require a lot of water. And even though we are a water rich state, our water comes at different times of the year. And so, a lot of times the water sources we need to grow a crop come early in the season and late in the season and we are water deficient in the middle of the season."

Dr. Green says that's why so many experts and Region 8 farmers attend the conference every year. For the opportunity to gain information about agricultural issues. "We exchange ideas between the farmers and the research specialists, as well as the research specialists informing the farmers about their ideas."

For more information about the Arkansas Soil and Water Education Conference, you can log onto their website.

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