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Advanced technology being offered to Arkansas patients

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital held a special open house on Thursday showing off their recently purchased Siemens CT Scanner.

Chief of Radiology for NEA Baptist Hospital, Dr. John Phillips, says this type of scanner is going to help patients in a number of way. "Technology only matters as it improves the patients experience and we're proud at NEA Baptist to be ranked among the top five percent of hospitals in the country for overall patient experience and satisfaction. This technology really brings us to the forefront in the state of Arkansas. This is the first dual source CT scanner in the state and one of less than fifty in the United States."

Dr. Phillips says the scanner is going to be useful in both clarity and speed. "Dual source means that it has two x-ray tubes. And that allows for a lot of improvement in image quality. The first thing is it's fast. And fast matters if you're sick because you may not be able to lay down long on the table. You may have shortness of breath or chest pain. And in this case we can scan the entire chest in less than one second. And so, the speed really does matter to some of our sicker patients. The other thing is this machine delivers less dose, less radiation than any ct scanner available. And that's important, especially for our most precious patients, like children. The scanner is capable of taking the radiation and lowering the dose to the eyes and the thyroid and the radiation sensitive parts of the body and delivering it more to the radiation resistant parts of the body to obtain an image."

Dr. Phillips says the machine is also can to help doctors determine treatment faster. "Because it's dual source it can also deliver dual energy and dual energy allows us to characterize certain parts of pathology. In other words, a kidney stone, we can actually tell whether or not that stone is made of uric acid or calcium. And if it's made of uric acid it's not going to respond so well to some things and use drugs. So, it can actually help the doctor to plan therapy."

Dr. Phillips says the hospital's emergency room physicians and staff are going to find the scanner very helpful. "You know, if you come into the emergency room speed is important. Especially if you're very ill. The emergency room is a big user of ct scan because it can quickly diagnose serious conditions."

NEA Baptist has been working on getting this type of ct scanner for about a year. One thing that needed to be done was some renovations. More electricity needed to be added to the room the scanner would reside in because the faster scanner requires more power.

The Siemens CT Scanner has been in use since November. The scanners table a patient lies on can support up to six hundred and fifty pounds in weight.

Dr. Phillips says scanner is available to all the physicians in the hospital. Another big user of the scanner is their cardiovascular surgery department. "We place a large number of endovascular stints to repair abdominally aortic aneurisms. Those stints have to be followed every so many months after they're placed to make sure they're working properly and not leaking. So, this scanner is used extensively by that department."

Dr. Phillips says they plan to move the scanner over to their new building once construction is complete.

For more information, you can log onto their website.

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