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Region 8 community pulls together for one of it's youngest

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 community members are pulling together to help support one of it's youngest members.

On January 7th, the parent of 10-year-old Evan Rose were contacted by his doctor to inform them he had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.

Once friends of Evan's family heard the news, they decided to try and help. Chair of "Team Evan", Christy Harris says they're trying to do something to make things easier on the family during this time. "We're just trying to raise some extra funds for the family. They are at St. Jude, so they're wonderful and they're taking care of all the medical, but their everyday living expenses, their home, everything goes on and we just want to make it where they can concentrate on Evan and not worry about money."

Evan's father, Cliff, is an employee of Adams and Cooper Plumbing so fellow co worker have gotten to know Evan well over the years. "Evan is in the fourth grade and he loves basketball. He love to hunt, he's in gifted and talented at school at Westside so he's real smart and just got a real big personality."

Evan has been ordered a minimum of a four month round of chemotherapy. During this time, he will be staying at an apartment in Memphis with his parents because he can not be more than ten minutes away from the hospital. "His parents say Evan has been in really good spirits up until a few days ago. They said you wouldn't even know he was sick except for going to the doctor all the time. In the last few days he is on his big dose of chemo right now, so he isn't feeling as well. He's more tired than usual. You can tell that you're starting to see a change. But other than that, he's doing really well. His spirits are high."

Christy says they managed to raise twelve thousand, five hundred and sixty-nine dollars for Evan's family.

Future activities will be taking place with the "Team Evan" crew and you can help. For more information, log onto their website and click on the link "Team Evan".

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