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New options hit a Region 8 library

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library is constantly searching for new and exciting ways to serve their patrons. Well, the month of February will bring not one, but two new options for people.

First up, e books will be available online for library patrons.

Virtual Library Manager, Alissa Reynolds, says they noticed an increase in the popularity of e readers and felt it was something they should work on adding.

"We want to offer as many of the new technologies to our patrons for free that we can. I do feel it's a great, exciting thing for us to be able to offer. For convenience and traveling, obviously if your wanted to take three books along that would be a lot heavier to deal with the actual book. If you have a reader, you can put all three on that light reader and it's easier to travel with."

Alissa says there are a number of devices their system is compatible to.

"They will now be able to download e books onto their e book reader, tablet or smart phone. As a result, we're doing staff training on that, today, so that each of our staff members will be able to assist our patrons if they have questions about that."

The process is quick and easily accessible.

"All of this can be accessed online through our website. You look under our e media tab and it will say download e books. As well as we still have audio books and the free music you can still download."

In addition to the e books, a new check out program called, "Quick Picks" will also be available February 1st.

This will be a special collection of books and dvd's that will not be able to be placed on hold.

Director of the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, Phyllis Burkett, says they arrived at this decision due to the unusually large amount of items consistently on hold.

"Last year we have fourteen thousand holds that we fulfilled. Which means that we had items sitting on shelves that we had mailed notices to and were waiting on customers to come get. In many cases some of those books were on hold for more than one person. So, that meant everybody was waiting two or three weeks and we had to buy more and more copies as more and more people put things on hold. We decided we had to come up with a way to decrease those number of holds and the time that things stayed on the shelf."

This additional system will be on a first come, first serve basis.

"Quick Picks are something that you just have to come into the library and it's going to be on our shelves today in that particular collection. But it's going to be best seller authors and popular authors that people are familiar with. You can walk in any day and possibly find just that particular thing you were looking for, grab it up and take it out."

All the branch libraries will have "quick pick" collections, as well.

For more information about either of these programs, you can log onto their website.

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