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Elderly woman "takes-off" item on her bucket list

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - An elderly woman "took off" an item on her bucket list as she took to the sky for the first time. It's never too late to make your dreams come true. Saturday, the Elmcroft Assisted Living Facility in Pocahontas propelled the dream of an 81-year-old resident who wanted to see the sky from new heights.

"I'm getting a little old. I'm 81 and I'd like to fly in a plane before I die. So I did," says Betty Tretenburg, who had a dream to soar up high in the sky. "I just never would do it," says Tretenburg.

Saturday, she climbed in and suited up to hit the skies. And after 81-years of waiting, Tretenburg's dream became a reality.

"It's never too late to stop dreaming and getting your dreams fulfilled," says Julie Soles who works with Elmcroft Assisted Living Facility. She says the facility has recently become a part of Second Wind Dreams. An organization whose mission is to grant life-long dreams for residents living in elderly communities.

"I got with our residents and one-on-one I asked them what their dreams were. Betty's was a plane ride so with the help of these pilots here volunteering their time and their plane, we were able to make it come true," says Soles.

In the clear blue skies, Tretenburg flew around Smithville, Imboden, and Lake Charles. And when the plane landed, Tretenburg said she it was a flight of a life-time.

"It's different sitting up there than it is sitting down here watching a plane up in the air. It kind of went down to my stomach when we went a certain way, but it was good," says Tretenburg.

Tretenburg's dream was the first dream for the Elmcroft Assisted Living Facility to grant. Soles says they hoping to grant at least one dream a month. If you would like to help contribute to a dream, just contact Julie Soles at the Elmcroft Assisted Living Facility at (870) 892-8556.

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