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Potential fair site raises concern to nearby neighborhood

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Earlier this month, the NEA District Fair Board announced their potential re-location site west of HW 49 just north of the Farrville curve. The property owners have signed a petition to try to make the land part of the Jonesboro city limits. But, the possible annexation has one community up in arms.

"We moved out here for the rural community. The quiet," says resident Shelly Jones. But that quiet might not last. Jones lives in the neighborhood off County Road 701 just off HW 49 near the Farrville curve. And with proposition of the annexation into the city of Jonesboro, many residents are concerned about the possible new neighbor.

"If something as commercial as the fairgrounds and as busy and noisy comes to our backyards our property value will certainly plummet," says Jones.

But, She is not going down without a fight. With a public meeting already set mid-February, Jones is working to put together a petition, and spent Saturday canvassing the neighborhood

"We're trying to get our petition signed, make sure everyone is together, and everyone is there to voice our concerns," says Jones. Concerns of the impact the fair re-location could have on the homes in the area.

"It's going to endanger our children's safety on the streets. It's going to bring traffic," says Jones.

She even showed us on a map how close the fair attractions would be. "My house is located directly across from where the entertainment building will be. Right next to that, there will be the chickens, pigs, horses and cattle. It's not something any of us are interested in. I'm hoping we will stay just as we are. If we do get annexed into Jonesboro, I hope that they would choose something that is less commercial to put directly adjacent to our homes," says Jones.

The public hearing will take place February 16th at 10 a.m.

Craighead County Courthouse Annex, Room 119,

Located at 511 Union, Jonesboro, AR

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