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What do kids do when it's too cold for recess?

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The weather outside might not be frightful, but these temperatures certainly aren't delightful. When the going gets tough outside, area schools keep the kids inside when the outdoor temperatures get too cold.

Westside Elementary Principal Katherine Glover said, "We do it at a 40 degree wind chill."

Glover said the kids haven't been outside all this week because the temperatures have been below that threshold. 

"Our playground is on top of a hill so with that wind blowing we want to make sure they're going to be warm enough out there," said Glover.

Being outside in frigid air can lead to sickness and although recess is a short period of time, safety comes first.

Glover said, "We do have some kids who come from a poverty level that don't have the right clothing to even go outside. So we want to make sure they're safe and healthy."

Glover said being able to go outside is something the kids look forward to, but when the cold keeps them inside the teachers turn to a back up plan.

"They'll play games, they'll play checkers, they'll play with legos, they'll play with board games. Like I said exercise the mind," said Glover.

She said some teachers have fun activities planned while others throw in a little cardio.

"Some of them do like the Mickey Mouse Clubs have exercise videos," said Glover.

When the students aren't able to get up and run around during recess you may wonder how they are getting exercise.

Westside Physical Education Teacher Todd Nortier said, "We also get to play all kinds of games like hockey, soccer, basketball and all of those in the gym. It's just a good social time and a good time for them to get exercise."

Nortier said some of the exercises they do in class can be continued at home. He said most are easy and better for the body unlike playing video games.

"It's important for them to get their heart rate up and get moving, circulation and exercise overall is important for all kinds of health," said Nortier.

Principal Glover said although exercise is very important for the students, playing board games and doing activities teach the students strategy that they can use inside the classroom.

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