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The Mix gains more power and changes locations

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Radio Group's Mix 106.7 is now found on 106.3 on your radio dial.

Thursday at 3pm, an engineer with the Jonesboro Radio Group flipped a switch and The Mix changed locations on air.

Vice President of station programming for the Jonesboro Radio Group, Bill Pressly, says they've been working on this for about a year. "The FCC granted us permission to move down the dial to 106.3. This will let us increase the power more than four times. So, we'll have more power, we'll be in more work places and in more of Region 8."

Jonesboro Radio Group General Manager, Trey Stafford, says they're thrilled to be getting this opportunity. "It's not everyday that radio stations get to increase their power and for a radio station like The Mix to get that opportunity and crank the power up is not something that happens everyday. So, we feel really lucky to have this chance."

Stafford says however they won't be changing the music listeners hear on The Mix. "The Mix is the number one listened to at work radio station in town. So, we expect nothing to change in the format, don't want anything to change. We just want more people to be able to hear it."

And that's exactly what's going to happen. Pressly say they're going to reach areas they never have before. "You'll pick us up better in Jonesboro in a lot of office buildings that maybe couldn't get us before, so 106.3 will come in loud and clear. Paragould, Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri are areas that are going to get us, too."

Pressly says the public has been eager to see this change take place. "The feedback has been great. People are really excited about it. Now, we had a little scare earlier where we lost our number '3', but it's been located at the Coca Cola plant on Highland and it's on it's way back to us."

Pressly says without the '3' they might not have been able to switch! For more information about either of these programs, you can log onto their website.

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