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Freedom Salute Ceremony honors soldiers

A Freedom Salute Ceremony brought soldiers, and their families together to be recognized for their accomplishment and sacrifice.

"It creates a bond with everybody and kind of a welcome home type thing," says Luke McCartney, Executive Officer of the 1037th Route Clearance Company.

It was the 1037th Route Clearance Company Freedom Salute Ceremony. It was a packed house with friends, family, and folks from the community coming together to honor these soldiers for their sacrifice, and hard work. "It's great to let them see that they're honored by city and community to see that they did a good job," say McCartney.

Special awards were given to soldiers who have served one all the way to four deployments. "They're going to get metals, flags, and plaques, and they are going to get that in front of their families," says McCartney.

Three soldiers in particular were recognized and received a standing ovation, all severally injured during their deployment in Afghanistan. Including Specialist Warren who just got out of Walter Reed Army Medical Center this past week.

"He's here to get his award after several brain surgeries, a titanium plate replaced a section of his skull.  This is the first time many of the soldiers have seen him since he's been back," says McCartney.

Several organizations, including KAIT, were also recognized for their support and care packages sent overseas. "You actually get to put a face with the care package or that address that you've seen all year, and instills that sense of pride in the community," says McCartney.

The event was put on by the Arkansas Army National Guard, and a day these soldiers will always remember.

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