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Region 8 father responds to son's shooting death

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) – An Arkansas father talked about the death of his 26-year-old son after a member of a federal task force shot him Tuesday.

According to a news release from Arkansas State Police, Brandon Fountain was shot and killed during the course of an investigation of a federal search warrant. Fountain was shot around 1:45 Tuesday afternoon in his apartment located at 135A West Cheryl Street in Osceola.

The news release stated Fountain later died in a Memphis hospital at 6:00 Tuesday evening. The shooting is still under investigation and results will be given to the Mississippi County Prosecuting Attorney. State police said the federal investigation regarded computer crimes, but no other details have been given at this time due to the ongoing investigation.

"He's been going to plumbing school. He had just finished up plumbing school. He was supposed to take his plumbing test here in a couple of weeks," said Bill Fountain. "Brandon was a good kid. I mean he got in trouble like a lot of kids do, whatever, with different things. Never nothing any crazy. No kind of criminal record."

The Osceola Police Department said Tuesday morning Brandon has no criminal record, only traffic citations.

"He's got another daughter. She's in Germany with her mother who he met when he was in the service," said Bill.

Bill said he found out his son was being questioned by federal agents through a coworker.

"Been gone to lunch pretty much the whole hour, and my secretary that works for me, she was driving through the neighborhood on her way back to work. She was just coming back to get her mail," said Bill. "There were all kinds of cars there and there were all kinds of people walking around with guns and they were taking stuff out of his (neighbor) house. She told me that there were three people sitting on Brandon's porch."

Bill said he talked to his son on the phone, who told him officers were only asking questions. Bill said he did not know what the questions were about.

"I called Brandon and I said, what's going on? He said they're just asking me some questions. I said do you want me to come over here? He said you can if you want too," said Bill.

Bill said he started heading back to work when he saw police cars from Osceola and an ambulance go by his plumbing business. Bill said he turned around.

"Every cop car in Osceola started flying by my building. I'm right next to the police station. They were flying," said Bill. "By the time I turned on Cheryl Street, a friend of mine called and said you need to get over here quick. Something bad has happened."

Bill said he panicked when he saw his son on a stretcher going to an ambulance.

"She (Osceola police officer) runs in between us and whatever, hollering stop, stop, stop. I'm looking and they're loading him in an ambulance," said Bill. "The first thing he (a federal agent) said was he said; I don't know what happened. I was not in there. He said you're son has been shot. He said they said he went for a gun. He didn't say he had a gun. They said he went for it. That was the exact words out of his mouth."

Bill said he did not understand why officers pulled a gun and shot Brandon. He said a family doctor, who assisted in the operation after the shooting, told him Brandon was shot twice in the back.

"Everybody that knows Brandon knows that he wouldn't go for a gun in a room full of police officers," said Bill. "I kissed him on his head (when he was loaded onto a medical helicopter). I told him I loved him and keep fighting. That we were all praying and keep fighting and that was it."

Bill said he hasn't gotten a solid answer from any police agency. He said he plans on hiring an attorney and private investigators to look into the shooting.

"I got to bury my son and then I want to know what happened. I'm going to. You know you have to have lawyers to fight lawyers, so I'm going to get a lawyer and investigators, whatever we have to do," said Bill.

According to a previous Arkansas State Police news release sent out Tuesday, the shooting victim got into an armed confrontation, which led to the shooting. In the victim's bedroom is a blood stained carpet and hole in the wall where Brandon was shot.

"If something didn't go right. If somebody jumped the gun on something, I hope somebody else is willing to say look, it shouldn't have happened," said Bill. "Whatever they're saying he was downloading on the internet, I don't. You still don't shoot somebody in the back twice."

Arkansas State Police said various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies assisted in the investigation.

"Shooting him twice in the back in the corner of his bedroom after an hour and a half of interrogating him? That don't make sense," said Bill. "Why did he have to be shot? I mean if they thought something was going on, why was he not detained? Why did they not get their search warrant and then do what they wanted to do instead of shooting him first and then getting a search warrant?"

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