US Attorney Asking for Delay in Trial of Former Batesville Prosecutor

August 13, 2003 - Posted at: 7:57 a.m. CDT

Little Rock, Ark. -- U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins is asking for a delay in the corruption trials of a former prosecutor and two co-defendants.

Cummins asked for the delay yesterday so an appeal can be settled before the trial of former prosecutor T.J. Hively of Batesville, scheduled for September second.

Hively is appealing a ruling that let the trial go forward.

A jury could not reach verdicts in 2001 on corruption charges against Hively, who was in office for six years in the 16th Judicial District, which covers Cleburne, Fulton, Independence, Izard and Stone counties.

U.S. District Judge George Howard declined to dismiss the 16 counts that remain against Hively.  The original indictment accused Hively in 64 counts.

Two other men, former Hively prosecutor Wesley John "Butch" Ketz and bail bondsman Gary Edwards were indicted along with Hively.

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