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Shoppers hit the stores to stock their cabinets

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - From milk and eggs to bread and baked goods, food was flying off the shelves and into bags.

"I didn't want to get snowed in and be hungry," said shopper, Charlene Boner.

Many people made a quick stop at the grocery store before settling in on a snowy Wednesday night.

"I looked outside and thought oops I better get to the store," said shopper, Christina Marshall.

"I always do this.   Whenever they say there is bad weather you get in your mind "I've got to get the essentials," said shopper Brenda Goodwin. 

Those essentials mean different things to different people, but one shopper says one thing is for sure:

"If you've got flour, sugar, butter and milk--you can make anything....really," said Boner. 

Many moms say, with kids at home, there's no choice but to keep the cabinets stocked with go-to goodies.

"Quick food, good food, and try to keep them occupied because they're stuck in the house and they're going crazy," said Marshall.

An event we can all remember that inspires one shopper to brave the snow day rush to prevent being caught with empty cupboards.

"After the ice storm of 2009, I learned a valuable lesson.   I just like to be ready," said Goodwin.

Many of these shoppers say they're buying enough to get them through at least a couple of days. They are braving busy stores and streets now, so they don't have to do it later.

"Once I'm in, I'm in," said Goodwin.

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