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Pilfered pooch or misplaced pup? Police ponder

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A family is searching for their pet after they say 11-year-old Coco was stolen.  Paragould Animal Control officer Allen Massey said it is a problem they've been seeing.  Folks often call animal control to report their pet is missing.  The Phipps family owns Mid-South Muffler and Tire in Paragould and that's where they say Coco was taken from last Friday.

"It just really upsets me that she's gone and we just want her back," said Marla Phipps.

"I never dreamed someone would come in your home or place of business and take a member from you," said Phipps.

"They said somebody took it out of their shop and i told them it's a good possibility," said Paragould Animal Control Officer Allen Massey.

Massy said there are cases where dogs are taken.  The Phipps family filed a report with the Paragould Police Department and it is being investigated as a theft.

"Be aware!  I had no idea this was going on that people were stealing dogs," said Phipps.

"Some people may take it and ask for rewards and wait for somebody to put up a reward for it and then bring it back," said Massey.

Phipps said Coco wouldn't have left on her own.

"You could have the doors open and she would not go outside the doors.  The only time she would go outside is when we say, ‘it's time to go bye-by'," said Phipps.

Now they're warning others, especially those who keep their dogs inside their business.

"If you're going to keep an animal in a business I'd keep it close to where a bunch of employees are going to be," said Massey.

"All we can do is wish that they will take heed and take our reward and bring our dog back to us," said Phipps.

The Phipps business does have security cameras but not inside where they believe the dog was taken.

This is an open investigation with the Paragould Police Department.  If you have any information you are urged to contact them at 870-236-7621.

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