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Snow was slow to clear off roads in Region 8

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Thursday morning all across Region 8, roads were covered with snow and ice, which made travel difficult if not downright impossible. Although the snow is no longer falling, it was still difficult for the road crews to get the snow off the roads.

Walter McMillan with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department said, "A snow like yesterday really doesn't stick to the road until the traffic sort of packs it down. If you can get to it before it gets packed then you can push it off without much chemical."

McMillan said they weren't able to get most of the snow off the roads before the traffic packed it down, which made it harder to get the roads clear. 

"You're plowing and your chemicals have to work together. You can't just plow and get it off. It has to be a combination," said McMillan.

McMillan said they use a mixture of salt, sand and magnesium chloride to melt the snow and ice, but when the temperatures are in the single digits and low teens, it doesn't work as well.

"But of course at night when the sun goes down and there's no extra heat, it didn't work as well," said McMillan.

As the day progressed on Thursday the roads across the area really started to improve.

McMillan said, "The combination of the chemicals we had put out on it plus sunshine on the pavement, which absorbs heat, really helped us."

If you are heading out Friday morning give yourself extra time to reach your destination. McMillan said there will be some icy patches on the roads especially in areas that are shaded.

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