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Randolph county roads recover from Wednesdays' snow blast

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POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Nearly 6 inches of powdery snow fell in Randolph County bringing traffic to a near standstill. But on Thursday the sun came out and began the melting.

Stan Segraves who is the E-911 Coordinator for Randolph County told Region 8 News that in the past 24 hours they have had only 24 accidents reported to the 911 Center.  Fortunately they had no medical transport due to any of those accidents. However that doesn't mean the wrecker companies weren't busy.

When they aren't hauling cars in the snow, the guys from Competition Towing are clearing off parking lots. Steve Winebaugh one of the owners says they were busy.

Winebaugh, "Yesterday was pretty hairy, pretty slick out, lot of snow, lots of accidents."

Competition has 5 wreckers including a huge wrecker used to haul semi trucks. Winebaugh said calls started coming in almost as soon as the first flakes began to fall.

Winebaugh, "Well it started snowing about 7:30 yesterday morning here and shortly after it didn't take about an hour and it started getting slick. Most of them was on the back roads. There was a few here on the flat ground but most of them were in the hills."

Stan Segreaves from the 911 center told me that there were plows working the roads but the snow got so thick so fast they stopped because they weren't doing any good.

Businesses were also affected by the storm. Donald Rorex who owns Don's Steakhouse located in the Wal-Mart parking lot said he came in to see if any customers would stop by.

Rorex, "I came up here about 9 and stayed to 11 and there was no traffic so I went ahead and closed."

I asked Rorex if closing for a day hurt his business.

Rorex, "My experience in the business is that we'll probably make it up in the next 2 or 3 days what we lost."

Driving around town revealed a kind of mix in road conditions. Some streets had seen a plow, some were melting as the sun hit them and some were still solidly snow covered.

Michael Looney lives off of Highway 62, he said that road was in pretty good shape.

Looney, "They had snow plows on and off all day yesterday, they done pretty good on the main roads. It was the side roads that people were gonna have trouble with."

Looney said he had just came off of Highway 90 and it was still solidly snow-packed, shiny in the sun and slick.

Unlike many drivers Looney said he wanted no part of Wednesday's storm.

"I stayed home like a good boy."

Probably was a good plan.

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