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Auto body shops seeing influx of appts. due to ice

Road from Jonesboro to Bono (Source: L. K. Gaynor) Road from Jonesboro to Bono (Source: L. K. Gaynor)

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Now that the snow is melting many motorists are now assessing the damage and planning trips to their local shop to get the dents removed.  If you had to drive this week on the snow, count yourself lucky if you didn't end up in the ditch or into another vehicle.

"There's no controlling a car when it's sliding on the ice or the snow," said David Payton, Owner of Tim's Auto Body.

More than 50 accidents happened on Wednesday. 

"Fender benders and just in ditches and occasionally hit a tree," said Ricky Mashburn, who owns The Wreck Doctor in Jonesboro.

"When you get a front impact it usually will take out your bumper your grill your hood your headlights your fender," said Payton.

When ice and snow are in the forecast it means more business.

"To me, being a shop owner, money when you have ice and snow wrecks are going to happen," said Payton.

Payton said he did 25 estimates on Thursday and has six cars scheduled to come into the shop on Monday.

"It looks like we will probably be pretty busy for the next month fixing cars from this snow," said Payton.

Mashburn said they see more wrecks every time we get a dose of winter weather.

"It's usually people running into objects and other things other than cars," said Mashburn.

Now that the ice and snow is melting away, insurance adjustors are heading out to check on the damage.  Mashburn said damage can run anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, even higher if it's more than a minor accident.

"It's just hard to stop," said Mashburn.

"They don't get as good of traction as what they think they do they'll be going and they think they are going to stop as good as they do on dry pavement and you don't," said Payton.

No matter what you drive, when the roads are slick you could be one of the unlucky drivers.

"People are always going to wreck cars so a body shop is always going to be in business," said Payton.

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