Second Jonesboro Society Magazine Published

August 13, 2003 - Posted at 10:45pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- Until recently, Jonesboro didn't have a magazine that focused on events and businesses in Northeast Arkansas. Now there are two.

The first magazine to be published is called 'Northeast Arkansas Celebrate'. The latest, first published this month, is called 'Jonesboro Occasions.'

"This magazine, 'Jonesboro Occasions', is a cross between a city guide and a society magazine," said its' publisher and editor, Audrey Watkins.

Discussions with city leaders and business owners began this spring to see if there was enough of an interest to support it. Soon Arkansas Business Publishing Group in Little Rock was backing the project.

Watkins adds, "When you look at the arts or non-profit organizations, they often times don't have a big budget. They've been very appreciative of what we're trying to do to help them, and in-turn, it assists them by getting sponsors for a lot of their events."

Watkins wrote an article about 'The Forum's' (Jonesboro's performing arts theater) latest production, 'Annie'. Sherri Beatty was the director.

"For somebody, such a reputable, well put together, you know, wonderful-looking magazine, espcially a new one, to come in and say, wow. They're really doing a good job here. That was an extra special bonus for us," said Watkins.

'Jonesboro Occasions' does have at least one thing 'Northeast Arkansas Celebrate' doesn't. An area in the back lists a description of the kinds of foods served at many restaurants, and a price range patrons pay to eat there.

The magazine is free. It can be picked up at the Greater Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, and at many of the larger restaurants in Jonesboro.