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Schools look to make up snow days before benchmarks

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CONCORD, AR (KAIT) - This time last week parts of northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri were covered in snow.  Rural districts have already missed a lot of school days and now they're trying to get some of those days back.  The benchmark exams are about a month away.

"Every day is important and we feel like nine days is a lot," said Concord Elementary Principal Sandy Brackett.

Last year they missed eleven days because of snow.  To try to prevent that this year they made a change before school started.

"We implemented snow routes this year and that has been great that has been a good thing for our district," said Brackett.

Some days they would have had to miss they were able to go ahead and come.

"It's just always trying to think ahead and do your planning well because this test date does not change," said teacher Sandy Chastain.

Teachers are working with students to meet all of their frame works they are supposed to cover.

"We're in here to work and we're in here to learn," said Chastain.

Monday, when they came back into the classroom after about a week away, Chastain said they spent part of the class time going over what they had already learned.

"You've been off you've not been thinking about your school things and so we have to take time to review," said Chastain.

This is the first full week they've had in the classroom in the past few weeks and with time running out before the benchmark teachers are buckling down.

"It's going to be a challenge but I think we all know what lies ahead, the kids do.  Even on my board I have a countdown," said Chastain.

"We trust our teachers here at Concord.  We think they're our best gauge," said Brackett.

As they decide when to make up missed days, teachers will have a voice.

"We're going to survey them we're going to talk to them, ‘Where do you think we are?'" said Brackett.

Next Monday there will be a meeting with the Superintendent and the school board to decide what they are going to do to make up those days.

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