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Arkansas high school is getting seniors ready for college

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A large number of high schools throughout northeast Arkansas are celebrating "Say Go to College" Week, and getting graduating seniors prepared for college.

Three hundred public and private high schools have events scheduled throughout the week to help their students get motivated and ready. Jonesboro High School started Wednesday morning with a college rally.

Several guest speakers were on hand to talk to students about the importance of their education and how to prepare. Executive Director of City Youth Ministries, Rennell Woods, is a former Jonesboro alumni and one of the guest speakers. "You know, students have a lot going on in their lives. So, just having a time that we can come together and show and express the importance of what this is all about, their college completion and for them being the future leaders. I think it's very necessary to have events like this. Being a Jonesboro alumni I thought it was very appropriate for me to be here, today, in the Say Go to College week. As we know, Arkansas is forty-ninth in the nation as far as college graduation and I just want to encourage the students of the class of 2011 how important it is for them to graduate and to go to college. Because they are going to be the next generation and the shoulders that we will stand on."

Jonesboro High School Seniors like Carrie Beverage says she enjoyed the rally. "I thought it was very interesting because I want to go to A State and we had speakers from there and so it caught my attention, for sure."

JHS Senior Lauren Sweeney was in agreement with Beverage. "The rally was pretty good. It really got me going and ready for college and everything. I think it really spoke to people."

Rennell says the students seemed interested in what speakers had to say. "I think the rally was really well received. The students were excited. The dance team came out and gave a performance like at a football game or basketball game and then we had several speakers. One speaker from the College of Education for the state of Arkansas, I had an opportunity to speak and I think it was all really well received."

Sweeney says she feels she and fellow students learned a lot from the guest speakers. "They taught us things we didn't know before. Like, there's a lot of ways to pay for college. I mean, there's scholarships, grants, everything. So, if you're really looking for it you can find a way to do it."

Beverage says she feels like the rally was a motivating push students needed. "I think it gives everybody a jump start on what they need to get finished. Graduation is coming up in a couple more months and everybody's getting in a rush. So, this helps."

Universities throughout Arkansas are also hosting a workshop on Sunday, February 20 called "College Goal Sunday". This workshop is designed to help students and parents fill out the free application for Federal Student Aid. The workshop will take place at two. 

For more information about Say Go To College week, you can log onto their website.

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