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Region 8 students to move into brand new school

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - In 2006 a tornado tore through the Region eight town of Caruthersville, Missouri. The twister destroyed many homes and businesses and the school.  Friday, with the five year anniversary fast approaching, the town celebrated the opening of a brand new school.

Students walked the red carpet into their new school.

"Everybody was clapping and they were so happy for us," said student Diane Mott.

"I felt like a celebrity.  I'm like, ‘Wow'," said Dorian Guyton.

It was the students' first look inside.

"It's amazing.  It's huge compared to the trailers," said Caruthersville High School Senior Michael Hagan.

"You walk into this and it's so great, it's just really emotional," said Mott.

Students have struggled for nearly five years, attending classes in FEMA trailers and even attending some of their classes in the middle school.

"We never really had a high school.  We're in high school but we never had one," said Mott.

Teachers and students aren't just getting a look at their new building, they're moving in.

"It's just been so long and such a long battle and I think it's going to take us a while until it sinks in and we know we're here," said teacher Jana Merideth.

"Kids walk up to you and say, ‘Which area?  Which wing is so and so on?'," said Merideth.

After the long wait some have gone from dreading school to looking forward to it.

"Now there's so much room and there's so many places to go.  I love school," said student Anna Hall.    

Superintendent J.J. Bullington said they expect to move the trailers out in the next couple of weeks.  There are some finishing touches being done on the school.  The new gym is not finished, but will be the site of this spring's graduation ceremony.

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