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Motorists are sharpening their driving skills

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 residents spent their Friday afternoon brushing up on their driving skills.

Around twenty people attended a driver safety program by the Southwest Safe Driving Incorporated. Founder and president of the organization, Don McKenzie, says drivers attending this course or others like it is vital to their safety. "It's important for people so they can learn about these and many other dangers on the road. How many people are under the influence of alcohol or drugs that are driving on the highways? How many people run stop signs and red lights and they do it everyday and they kill people?"

McKenzie says people need to be defensive drivers in order to protect themselves from bad motorists. McKenzie says he is also constantly updating his driver courses to stay on top of any changes that take place. "I continually add new material weekly so that people can keep up. We have new laws all the time. For instance, the one that prohibits the use of electronic devices for accessing the Internet, texting or reading text messages. These are all against the law and became effective October 1, 2009."

McKenzie says he founded this program for one main purpose: to reduce the number of accidents that take place and hopefully save lives. "I am passionate about this, as you can probably tell. I love doing it. And we teach all over the state of Arkansas. For the last two days I've been, here, in Jonesboro, teaching commercial drivers."

McKenzie has three different driving programs currently available. One class is for commercial vehicle drivers, one is for senior citizens age fifty-five and older and another class focuses on young drivers.

For more information, or to sign up for a course, you can contact McKenzie at

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