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One Region 8 sheriff taking efforts to reach citizens online

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - "If you're going to stay current, you've got to get on board so that's what we're trying to do," said Lawrence County Sheriff, Jody Dotson.

With the ease of Internet access, we live in a wired world.

"There are a lot of good tools there for law enforcement," said Dotson.

Dotson is taking his efforts online to reach residents.

"We really depend on the citizens of Lawrence County for a lot of our information," said Dotson.

Dotson says creating this website offers another avenue to share information with residents, and hopefully encourages residents to share information too.  

"You know what's going on next door and across the street where I don't live next door to you or anything like that, but you do," said Dotson.

Dotson says you'll also likely know when something isn't right in your neighborhood.  He adds that's where residents can be an integral part in spotting crimes and those committing them.

"We definitely want people to take advantage of that, make it easy as possible.   It can be strictly anonymous or we'd be glad to get back in touch with you, whichever you prefer," said Dotson.

There are photos of all the deputies, links to local and state agencies, and other useful tools. Resources he hopes  will continue to strengthen the relationship between the department and those it serves.  

"If we can get the citizens involved and start sending us tips and information and stuff, I think we can do a lot of good with this site," said Dotson. 

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