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Severe weather includes risks of flash floods

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - The Spring River in Hardy was very calm on Wednesday afternoon with the water level flowing well below flood stage. Hardy Mayor Nina Thornton said although the river is calm at the moment it doesn't take long for the waters to rise.

Now new technology will help them monitor the river at all times.

Thornton said, "We know that we can call it and find out how fast it is coming up or how much water is coming in or how much it's rained in a certain period of time."

Thornton said they have had this gauge located along the Spring River for a few years now.

"We were finding out what it was here because we were staying up to watch that and below us was benefiting from that. They could tell how much water was coming their way from what we had here in Hardy," said Thornton.

But Thornton said they couldn't tell how much water was headed their direction from upstream.

"Now with all these gauges up above us we can tell how much we're going to have and when to call the people," said Thornton.

Thornton said the three new gauges are located at Myatt Creek, South Fork River and Cold Spring.

The new system will alert city officials when the Spring River reaches a certain height.

Thornton said, "If it rises an inch in 10 minutes it will call us. There is a certain set of criteria they put in there and it will call and let us know like if it happens during the night."

When the river reaches 10 feet it's out of its banks and flowing into yards. Before that happens Mayor Thornton has a plan in place to call and alert the residents who are in danger.

Thornton said, "When it's to flood stage everybody has already been notified. They are out. The people get themselves out, their cars out."

Mayor Thornton said the new gauges make the flood warning system even better and help with their main goal of saving lives.

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