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Educators use new tool to keep students' attention

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PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -- Greene County Tech Primary School 2nd grade teacher Brad Andrews wants to make sure his students hear him loud and clear.

"It's been a big help to all the teachers in this building," said Andrews.

This teaching veteran wears a voice's like a little microphone hanging around his neck.

"When this is on, they know I'm needing their attention," said Andrews.

All of the classrooms at GCT's Primary School are equipped with them.  It's a tool to help keep the focus on the teacher and what they're saying.

"When they're more focused, they're going to be better learners," said Andrews.

"I guess you could say we kind of stumbled onto this.   We did some research and found out that voice enhancers can benefit all students," said Sherry Vance.

GCT Primary Principal Sherry Vance says they started using them initially a couple of years ago to help a student with special hearing needs, but found them  to be a  teaching tool they wanted to make a bigger investment in.

"Especially special needs students with like autism, attention deficit which is so prevalent, really benefited because they're able to block out  the unnecessary noise and focus in on what the teacher is saying and that's true with all kids," said Vance.

Vance says thanks to stimulus money, they were able to purchase the voice enhancers for all kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms.  She says the goal is to use them district wide.

"They're used to video games, they're used to audio equipment, and so this just kind of keeps them focused on the level they like," said Vance.

Administrators say the tools provide a  voice clearly heard across the classroom to help meet the needs of those being taught.

"The ultimate goal at the end of the day is that we come out a little further down the road than when we came in," said Andrews.

Another big plus both say is that it saves the teacher's voice.  They can talk in a regular tone and it's projected in the classroom.

Principal Vance says it helps keep up the teacher's energy level and helps teachers conserve their voices.  

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