208 Schools Tapped for Improvement

August 20, 2003 - Posted at: 8:27 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. --A total of 208 Arkansas public schools are on a list of those that need to be improved.

State Education Department officials compiled the list after a statewide review conducted in accordance with the federal No Child Left Behind law.

The list includes 126 schools identified as School Improvement Schools and 82 listed on Alert Status for School Improvement.

Janine Riggs, assistant director for school improvement and professional development, emphasized that the list is preliminary and schools have 30 days from the time they receive notice of their status to appeal the designations.

Riggs says a final list will be posted after the appeal time and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Arkansas, like other states, is compiling the lists for the first time this year under the new federal law, which includes school choice for students at schools that don't improve.

Level Three indicates a school has been operating below
standards for four years, Level Two indicates a school has been
operating below standards for three years, Level One indicates a
school has been operating below standards for two years and
Proposed Alert means a school has been operating below standards
for one year.

The list shows schools by district and school name.


Elaine: Lucilla Wood Elem
Little Rock: Chicot Elem


Eudora: Eudora High
Fort Smith: Tilles Elem
Gould: Gould High
Helena-West Helena: Miller Junior
Lake View: Lake View Elem
Little Rock: Bale Elem, Baseline Elem, Fair Park Elem, Mitchell Elem, Southwest Middle, Wakefield Elem
McNeil: McNeil High
North Little Rock: Lynch Drive Elem, Rose City Middle
Waldo: Waldo Elem.


Altheimer: Altheimer-Sherrill High, Martin Elem
Altus-Denning: Altus-Denning High
Arkansas City: Arkansas City Elem
Augusta: Augusta Elem, Augusta Jr-Sr High
Bearden: Bearden Middle
Bright Star: Bright Star Elem
Brinkley: Brinkley High
Buffalo Island Central: Buffalo Island Central East Elem
Carthage: Carthage High
Concord: Concord Elem
Cotton Plant: Cotton Plant Elem, Cotton Plant High
Crawfordsville: Crawfordsville Elem, Crawfordsville High
Cross County: Cherry Valley Elem
Decatur: Decatur Elem
Dermott: Dermott Middle
Dollarway: Dollarway Junior
Drew Central: Drew Central Elem
Earle: Earle Elem, Earle Jr-Sr High
East Poinsett Co.: Lepanto Elem, Tyronza Elem
Elaine: Elaine High
Fordyce: Fordyce Middle
Forrest City: Caldwell Elem, Forrest City Junior, Forrest Hills Elem
Fort Smith: Belle Point Alternative Center, Harry C. Morrison Elem, Howard Elem, Sunnymede Elem, Trusty Elem
Fountain Hill: Fountain Hill High
Gosnell: Gosnell Elem
Gould: Gould Elem
Grady: Grady Elem, Grady High
Hackett: Hackett Elem
Hamburg: Wilmot Elem
Helena-West Helena: J.F. Wahl Elem, West Side Elem
Hermitage: Hermitage High
Holly Grove: Holly Grove Elem, Holly Grove High
Hughes: Hughes Elem, Hughes High
Humphrey: Humphrey High
Lake View: Lake View Jr-Sr High
Lakeside-Chicot: Lakeside Middle, Lakeside Upper Elem
Lee County: Strong Middle
Little Rock: Brady Elem, Cloverdale Elem, Cloverdale Middle, Dodd Elem, Franklin Elem, Henderson Middle, Mablevale Elem, Mablevale Middle, Stephens Elem, Watson Elem, Wilson Elem, Woodruff Elem
Marvell: Marvell High, Marvell Primary
Maynard: Maynard Elem
McNeil: McNeil Elem
Mount Holly: Mount Holly Elem.
Mountain Pine: Mountain Pine High
Norphlet: Norphlet Elem
North Little Rock: Belwood Elem, Ridgeroad Middle
Osceola: East Elem, Osceola Junior
Palestine-Wheatley: Palestine-Wheatley Junior
Parkin: Parkin Elem, Parkin Jr-Sr High
Perry-Casa: Perry-Casa Elem
Pine Bluff: Belair Elem, Jack Robey Junior, Oak Park Elem, Sam Taylor, Thirty-Fourth Avenue Elem
Pulaski County Special: Jacksonville Junior, Oak Grove Elem
Saratoga: Saratoga Elem, Saratoga High
Scotland: Scotland Elem
South Mississippi Co.: Luxora Elem, Wilson Elem
Stephens: Stephens Elem, Stephens High
Strong: Gardner-Strong Elem
Turrell: Turrell High
Waldo: Waldo High
Walker: Walker Elem, Walker High
Warren: Thomas C. Brunson Elem
Watson Chapel: Coleman Elem
West Memphis: East Junior, Jackson Elem, Maddux Elem, Weaver Elem, Wonder Elem, Wonder Junior
Western Yell County: Western Yell County High


Altus-Denning: Altus-Denning Elem
Atkins: Atkins High
Bearden: Bearden High
Blevins: Blevins High
Bradley: Bradley Elem
Centerpoint: Amity Elem
Clarendon: Clarendon High
Crossett: Crossett High, Norman Junior
Decatur: Decatur High
Delight: Delight Elem, Delight High
Dermott: Dermott High
DeWitt: DeWitt Middle
Dollarway: Dollarway High
Drew Central: Drew Central High
East Poinsett County: East Poinsett County High
Emmet: Emmet Elem
England: England Middle
Eudora: G.C. Johns Lower Elem
Fordyce: Fordyce High
Forrest City: Forrest City High
Fort Smith: Barling Elem, Bonneville Elem
Fourche Valley: Fourche Valley High
Gurdon: Cabe Middle
Hackett: Hackett High
Hartford: Hartford Elem
Helena-W. Helena: Central High
Hermitage: Hermitage Elem
Hope: Hope High, Hope Yerger Junior High
Humphrey: Humphrey Elem
Kingsland: Kingsland High
Lakeside: Lakeside High
Lee County: Lee High
Little Rock: J.A. Fair High, McClellan Magnet High
Lynn: Lynn Elem
Magnet Cove: Magnet Cove Elem
Marked Tree: Marked Tree Elem, Marked Tree High
McRae: McRae Elem
Mount Ida: Mount Ida Elem
Mount Judea: Mount Judea High
Newport: Gibbs Albright Elem, Newport Junior High
North Little Rock: Glenview Elem, Seventh Street Elem
Oark: Oark Elem, Oark High
Oden: Ode Maddox Elem
Ola: Ola Elem
Osceola: Osceola High
Palestine-Wheatley: Palestine-Wheatley Elem, Palestine-Wheatley High
Pangburn: Pangburn Elem
Piggott: Piggott High
Pine Bluff: Lakeside Elem, Pine Bluff High
Plainview-Rover: Plainview-Rover High
Pulaski County Special: Jacksonville High, Joe T. Robinson Middle, Oak Grove High, Scott Elem, Sylvan Hills Middle
Riverview: Riverview High
Rose Bud: Rose Bud Elem
South Mississippi County: Dyess Elem, Rivercrest High
Sparkman: Sparkman Elem
St. Joe: St. Joe Elem
St. Paul: St. Paul Elem
Star City: Star City High
Strong: Strong High
Texarkana: Union Elem
Trumann: Cedar Park Elem
Waldron: Waldron Middle
Watson Chapel: Watson Chapel High
West Memphis: West Memphis High
Western Grove: Western Grove Elem
Westside: Westside Elem

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