Campus Ready to Help Incoming Students

August 21, 2003 - Posted at: 9:54 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- ASU's campus is already looking busy and ready for its academic business in anticipation of Monday's beginning of classes.

Students were out in force Thursday; moving couches, clothes and stereos to their new homes for the fall semester.

Jill Simon is the director of ASU's Advisement Services. She and her staff spent the day preparing their office, located in the Benton Center, a new ASU facility, on Johnson Avenue. Her task: to help students adjust to life in college, and on campus.

"We want them to develop relationships with their faculty, join organizations, and some will have to work," Simon said. "To balance that, it's finding the mix to do it that's sometimes a little challenging."

In addition to Simon's staff, special ministry groups have people welcoming new students to campus, as well as Friday's planned Freshmen Orientation.

What's often tough for freshmen students, according to National Baptist Student Fellowship Chet Graves, is the fact that a student's life all of a sudden changes when they enter college. That challenge includes more freedom, more social opportunities, and chances to learn about their major, can be tough.

"A lot of them are like a duck out of water," Graves said.