New Plane Tested

August 22, 2003.  -- Posted at 7:18 a.m. CDT
The new C-130-J transport aircraft is being tested at Little Rock Air Force Base at Jacksonville. Brigadier General David J- Scott says the plane the base has on hand flies like a sports car.

Scott's 314th Airwing is training with a weather-observing version on the plane on loan from Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi.

The airplane is a more powerful, more advanced version of the C-130-E's and C130-H's that are the backbone of the 314th's complement of aircraft. The Little Rock base is the primary training facility for the C-130 in the Air Force. Scott says he expects that eventually as many as 16 C-130-J's to be stationed at the base.

Scott says the propeller planes have updated avionics and more power.

The new versions have 45-hundred horsepower, compared to 35-hundred in earlier versions.

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